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Lactation Support Cookies for Breastfeeding + Pumping Mamas'

Lactation Support Cookies for
Breastfeeding + Pumping Mamas'


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After my little guy wasn’t gaining weight I suddenly found myself having to give pumped BM for at least half of his feedings to monitor intake. I was scrambling because I had basically no frozen stash and was only pumping 2-3 oz per session and he was eating 5-6! After only 2 cookies I was able to pump 4 oz for the one of the only times. These cookies helped me quickly catch up with his appetite and will soon even be ahead! Oh, and they are DELICIOUS! I have to stop myself from eating them all at once. Definitely a repeat customer!!!
— V.A. Facebook Review
Yum these cookies are amazing and my milk supply has def gone back up. Thank you!
— E.D. Facebook Review
My milk quantity didn’t really change. What did change was my milk thickness. It started to come out like heavy cream and my son stopped crying after he ate. He use to scream for more!
— M.B. Email Message
These are the best lactation cookies in taste and boosting supply that I’ve had! I can definitely tell a difference in my milk supply (3+ more ounces a day!) when I’m pumping vs. not eating these!
— E.M. Facebook Review
Y’all. Seriously. With my previous 3 babies I never had a problem with production. But this time... Surprise!! Twins. There were certain parts of the day I had issues with supply and this was my answer. My first day I had a whole cookie and had an abundance in the evening. Now, I eat a half of a cookie and I’m golden every night with extra to stash in the freezer!!!
— C.W. Facebook Reivew
These cookies do an amazing job I don’t think I would still be feeding my son because if my low supply.
— A.C. Facebook Review
Taste delishhhhhhhhious! I love cookies! Wooowzer, my boobalicious were very happy after 1 cookie. Then I ate half of a half the next day and happy to announce the Milkin’ flow with a smaller amount Ingested. Amen! Ha had my husband eat a piece, I’ll leave the details to your imagination. Just kidding. ;) My daughter is content. Thank you!
— D.M. Facebook Review