Welcome to Milkin' Cookie, a boutique lactation support cookie company!

We are Cassandra and Thomas, first-time parents who recently welcomed our beloved daughter, Diana Grace, into the world.  

For years, we strove to seek out natural approaches to life. This included growing our own organic vegetables on our back porch and locally sourcing our proteins. When sickness would inevitably rear its ugly head, we chose homeopathic remedies long before seeking out pharmaceutical alternatives. 

Which brings us to Diana’s arrival - something that didn't go according to 'plan.’ After 68 hours of natural back labor (yes, that means contractions every five minutes for almost three days), Diana was born via C-section and our world changed forever.

One unforeseen consequence of the procedure was the difficulty Cassandra had with her milk coming in after birth. C-section mama’s milk tends to start flowing a few days late. Cassandra’s milk took nearly two weeks to fully come and when it did it never seemed to be enough.  

After a scare from the pediatrician when Diana had lost nearly 22% of her body weight, we started our research to find food that would help boost lactation. We started to incorporate oatmeal into every breakfast, fennel into every salad, Ovaltine into every desert, and fenugreek + milk thistle supplements each night before bed.

After a month of doing this, we thought there had to be an easier way! Why not incorporate some popular lactation supporting ingredients into something that provides real results and tastes good?  

After many batches of pure trial and error, Milkin’ Cookie was born!