Milkin' Dad: a Look Into Life with Milkin' Cookie Co-Founder, Tom Shuck

Hello there! 


I’m Tom, husband to my lovely wife Cassandra and fellow cofounder of Milkin’ Cookie.


Since November 24th of 2017, Cassandra and I have shared in this mutual life experience of parenting.  Along the way, our teamwork has made even the most challenging moments…a bit more bearable.  Very quickly we knew that applying our respective talents and strengths was the best way to preserve our sanity.


Let me begin by making this initial admission:  I love to help people.  I’ve enjoyed it all my life.  It gives me purpose and provides a sense of satisfaction not realized from any other activities.  If I can make one other person’s day a bit easier, then that has been a successful day.  I also love to cook.  Luckily both of those passions go hand-in-hand in enriching the world I’m a part of.

This also led to some difficult moments after our daughter was born.  Gone were the days of spending hours making a superb culinary delight for my wife and friends.  My world, seemingly overnight, morphed into figuring out methods in simplification of our household. 

Fancy, from-scratch dinner?  Ain’t got no time for that! 

Deveining shrimp morphed into changing diapers. 

Mincing shallots turned into doing baby’s laundry. 


Staying late at work to help a client with a project transitioned into thundering out of the parking lot at 5:01pm in hopes of getting home before the end of naptime in hopes of emptying the dishwasher or spending a couple quiet moments with Cassandra.


This blog will mostly address how balance has become a crucial aspect of my life.  In spite of major life changes, it’s still feasible to pursue passions that provide that innate joy which keeps us going.  Life simply takes a bit more planning and effort.  My former life of helping strangers has been supplanted by helping my wife and daughter while my passion for cooking for family & friends has transformed into benefitting strangers (via Milkin’ Cookie).  The overall balance remains.


I’m excited to see what the future holds and what joyful moments I am able to embrace from it.  I certainly look forward to sharing them with you.

Cassandra Leszek Shuck