Frequently Asked Questions

How many cookies will I need to eat to see an impact?

A lot of factors go into this!  Every mama is different, but most mama’s will see an impact in as little as 1-2 cookies for 1-2 days; some see results after their first cookie.
Though Milkin' Cookie are a wonderful addition to promote healthy breastfeeding supply, we highly encourage our mama's to follow other milk-promoting behaviors such as;

How many cookies do I need to eat on a daily basis? 

The number of cookies that need to be consumed again is determined on a personal level. The majority of our mama’s eat one cookie per day. Moms of multiple will have to increase cookie consumption accordingly - one of our current mamas' of multiples eats 2-3 per day. Keep in mind - you don’t have the eat the same amount each day... some days you could have 1/2 a cookie, other days you could have 2 cookies. 

How Quickly will i receive my order?

Cookies are baked each on demand. Orders are shipped out within 4 business days from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Most order are generally received in about 1-2 business days after shipping, depending on location.

How long do Milkin' Cookies stay fresh for?

Since we are a boutique lactation cookie company, we bake everything fresh in small batches.  Cookies are said to have a 10-14 day shelf life - but don't let that worry you, they are perfect to be popped in the freezer!

When should I eat my Milkin’ Cookie to see the biggest impact?

We recommend picking a time of the day where you’d like to see an increase 3-5 hours later.  If you were looking for more production around 9a, we recommend a cookie for an early breakfast around 5a. If you were looking for a greater supply before bed time at 10p, we recommend a cookie for a mini after-dinner desert at 6p. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out what time works best for you! 

What's in a Milkin' Cookie that helps to support healthy lactation?

Check out our ingredients here! 

When should I begin eating Milkin' Cookies?

We get this question a lot from mama's.  If you are worried about milk supply, you are more than welcome to start eating these cookies on your delivery day.  They are also perfect for, of course, whenever you notice a dip in supply!

My hubby just ate one of my cookies - what's going to happen?

This is MUCH more common than you think!  Don't worry, there's nothing in these bars that will negatively effect your husband.  And unfortunately, they won't make him able to share in the nursing responsiblities!