Bake-Your-Own Pack

Bake-Your-Own Pack

from 23.95

Need a great, unique, and helpful baby shower gift?
Let’s be real - who doesn’t love cookies?

Want to send cookies but not ones that are already baked?
We got you!

Our great tasting and power-packed cookies can now be baked at home!
Available in a variety of allergen-friendly options; gluten-free, soy-free and even dairy-free! These ‘Bake-Your-Own’ packs can even be prepared vegan; we will leave that up to you!

Each package makes 15-18 cookies, depending on how large you scoop your cookies, and last 9 months in your pantry. Be sure to stock up!

Interested in our ingredients or nutrition?

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For the time being, the label on the gluten-free will say it has traditional flour, it doesn’t.
You will be able to tell by the green circle sticker indicating it’s a gluten free- product.
Please note, our facility is not a gluten-free one but we take special care to ensure no cross-contamination.