Bakers' Dozen (13 Cookies)

Bakers' Dozen (13 Cookies)

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Great tasting and power-packed with many types of galactagogues, our signature chewy oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie has helped thousands of mama’s around the United States increase their milk production.

You'll be amazed by how much more milk you're able to produce after eating these cookies. We recommend consuming 1-2 cookies per day to boost your supply. Some of our mama’s maintain a high supply by eating 1/2 a cookie each day. Others (our twin mama’s) stick with 2 cookies daily.

These are NOT bite-size cookies (more than 50% larger than your ‘average’ lactation cookie)!

Please note, all of our cookies are baked and shipped to order on Monday morning, or the following business day if it is a holiday. We will ship all orders placed by 11:59 pm ET every Saturday or you can subscribe for an exclusive discount! You will receive a shipping confirmation once your cookies ship. 

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