Bakers' Dozen + Lactation Tea Subscription

Bakers' Dozen + Lactation Tea Subscription

39.95 every 2 weeks

Don’t want to have to remember to order?
Save an additional 15% with our subscription option, and cross something off your to do list.

Can’t decide between the tea or the cookies?
No problem - these products were designed to be paired together!

Please note, all of our cookies are baked and shipped to order on Monday morning, or the following business day if it is a holiday. We will ship all orders placed by 11:59 pm ET every Saturday or you can subscribe for an exclusive discount! You will receive a shipping confirmation once your package ships. 

Must be a part of the subscription for two cycles, and then NO COMMITMENT.

Interested in our ingredients or nutrition? Or more information on the lactation support tea or cookies?


Please Note: All Sales are Final.