Bakers' Dozen + Tea Subscription

Bakers' Dozen + Tea Subscription

36.95 every 2 weeks

Don’t want to have to remember to order?
Save an additional 15% with our subscription option, and cross something off your to do list.

Enjoy our great tasting signature chocolate chip oat cookies + custom blended lactation tea delivered regularly to your door. These products have helped thousands of mamas' increase their milk production.

Less than $1.53 per cookie! 
And these are NOT bite-size cookies!

Please note, cookies are baked and shipped to order.
All cookie orders ship out Monday, or the following business day if it is a holiday.
Must be a part of the subscription for two cycles, and then NO COMMITMENT.
You will receive a shipping confirmation each time your subscription package ships.

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Please Note: All Sales are Final.
If there is an issue, please contact us at and we will be happy to try to resolve it!