Lactation Support Tea

Lactation Support Tea

from 9.95

  • Responsibly sourced botanicals

  • Caffeine and fenugreek free

  • Artisan, small batch tea blend crafted with love

  • With 14 servings per bag - less than $1.25 a cup

Get Your Milk On

Get Your Milk On sounds like a fun song or a great musical production, doesn’t it? It brings all the players to the stage with shining stars of nutrition, a great supporting cast with nervines and adaptogens, and rounding out the show with amazing spicy flavor and aroma. Not sure what all that means? That’s ok. Just think about it like this: It’s like you took the essence of your favorite Italian cookies and wrapped them up in chai and dropped them in your cup. This cup is also full of nutrients and all the things that work behind the scenes in your body to make it all work smoothly – which allows you to make the milk!. So you get delicious, nutritious, and all-around delightful. You know, the way your favorite song or movie makes you feel. But with anti-oxidants and milk-making goodness.

Land of Milk + Honey (*BEING DISCONTINUED*)

Land of Milk and Honey is where we all want to be, right? With everything we need at our fingertips, all the goodness just waiting for us to partake of it. That’s what this tea was crafted for. To give you all the wholesomeness in one simple cup. When you smell the ginger-citrus love, you can close your eyes and feel like you really are in the Land of Milk and Honey, with the sun shining on you and your bundle of joy. This tea is loaded with nutrients and supportive herbs – like a meadow in full bloom. We’ve picked the blossoms that are not only gloriously tasty but also help you create a garden of milky magic within your body.

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Nettle*, Raspberry Leaf,* Holy Basil*, Blessed Thistle*, Oatstraw*,
Skullcap*, Spearmint*, Alfalfa*, Moringa*, Shatavari*, Marshmallow Root*,
Fennel*, Anise* (*Organic)


Ginger Root*, Orange Peel*, Nettle*, Blessed Thistle*, Holy Basil*,
Raspberry Leaf*, Horsetail*, Amla*, Chamomile*, Oatstraw*, Lemon Verbena*,
Moringa*, Lemon Peel*, Hops*, Lemongrass* (*Organic)