Serious Stash (39 Cookies)

Serious Stash (39 Cookies)

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Get stocked up on our signature chewy oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies!  Perfect for those mamas who need a bigger boost, or great to split with your mama friends.

You'll be amazed by how much more milk you're able to produce after eating these cookies. We recommend consuming 1-2 cookies per day to boost your supply. Some of our mama’s maintain a high supply by eating 1/2 a cookie each day. Others (our twin mama’s) stick with 2 cookies daily.

These are NOT bite-size cookies (more than 50% larger than your ‘average’ lactation cookie)!

Please note, all of our cookies are baked and shipped to order on Monday morning, or the following business day if it is a holiday. We will ship all orders placed by 11:59 pm ET every Saturday or you can subscribe for an exclusive discount! You will receive a shipping confirmation once your cookies ship. 

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